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TFE #005: How to Get People to Actually Download Your Lead Magnet

Sep 19, 2022

Read time: 3.5 minutes


In today’s issue, I’m going to help you create a lead magnet people will actually want to download.

Personal trainers put too much time into creating the “perfect” lead magnet.

They set aside a day, open up their laptop and stare at a blank screen on Canva, hoping inspiration will strike.


If people don’t want your free stuff, they’ll never want your paid stuff.


The truth is, there is no “perfect” lead magnet. At least, not at the start. Like anything good, you have to iterate over time, following these steps:

  • Look for signals
  • Create a quick lead magnet
  • Deliver fast
  • Seek feedback.

You should repeat this process every week. The more you release offers (free or paid) into the market, the better you’ll become.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to launch your lead magnet:



Step 1 - Look for problem signals


All the successful trainers we work with are all experts at one thing—spotting signals.

These are tiny clues that reveal what your prospects are looking for. Spot them before your competitors, and you’ll always be a step ahead.

Think of yourself as the Sherlock Holmes of the fitness industry. How can you find something everyone else is too busy to look for? 

The simplest way to find problem signals is to use Facebook Groups to search for them.

  • Find a Facebook Group your prospect hangs out in (If they’re marathon trainers, find a Facebook group to match)
  • Search the keyword(s), “struggling” or “can’t figure”
  • You will see lots of previous posts where people are looking for answers to their questions.

These posts should inspire your lead magnet ideas.

For example, a quick search on “The Best Marathon Training Experience” reveals a post by someone looking to save time with their training plan.



Step 2 - Create the lead magnet (quickly)


Emphasis on the word “quickly”. Try not to fall into a creative rabbit hole where you spend hours creating a 32-page eBook.

People opt-in for lead magnets based on one question: “Does the value outweigh the risk?”

If the thing you create is full of value, isn’t 'salesy' and is actionable, you’re onto a winner. 

The most efficient way to create a lead magnet is to open up a Google Doc and get writing.

 (For my fellow shortcut geeks, search "doc.new" in the URL bar on Chrome and it will open up a new doc. You're welcome)

Some of our most popular lead magnets have been Google docs. As long as the information is valuable, your prospects won’t care.

(Note: For a list of the different types of lead magnets you could create, click here)



Step 3 - Launch it


Once you have your finished lead magnet, you’ll want to rip it apart. Imposter syndrome will set in and you’ll begin to doubt yourself. Do me a favour — Don’t.

Instead, force yourself into action with the following 2-step posts:

  • Stories Poll
  • Facebook Post
  • Email

If done right, this should open up a feedback loop and start some conversations.

Once someone “opts in”, you can then send the resource to them in messenger. 

If the early signs are good and people are hungry for it, produce a graphic and post this on your public channels.

(Here’s a Canva template I created for you)



Step 4 - Rinse and repeat


I would aim to get in the habit of repeating this process every week. 

Jack and I spent all over December and January posting one new freebie in our Facebook Group every 7 days. We're gearing up to do the same thing again soon. 

This produced a bucket-load of conversations and brought us closer to our audience.

It also means that our group is now full of loads of cool stuff that people are still opting in for to this day.



Once you get in the habit of creating value, your prospects will look to you to solve their problems.

Whether this is free or paid, the trust you build will forever appreciate.



  • Look for problem signals
  • Create a quick solution
  • Launch it to your audience
  • Repeat every 7 days




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