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TFE #004 - How This One Small Change Increased Our Close Rate From 30% to 80% in 2 Months

Sep 12, 2022


Read time: 4 minutes


Today, I’m going to reveal the secret that took our sales close rate from 30% to 80% in less than 2 months.

At the beginning of this year, we had a huge influx of applications to join our coaching programme.

For every 10 calls we took, 3 would decide to take action and join us.

This for many is a decent close rate but we knew our product deserved more.

We needed a way to convey the transformation it could make.


Time kills sales. Fill the time with more value.

How many times has someone told you they’d love to sign up only to then ignore all your messages? They do all the right things:

  • They like all your social media content
  • They ask to book in a call
  • They fill in a questionnaire
  • They say they’re “ALL IN”

But then you get ghosted. They don’t reply to any of your messages and it’s as if they disappeared off the face of the earth.

This used to happen to us.

But it all changed when added a FAQ page to fill the gap from sales call booked to sales call taken. This transformed our conversion rate from 30% to 80%. 

Same amount of calls booked, but this time instead of 3/10 signing up—8 would.

The good news is that you can set this up in a matter of minutes yourself.

Here’s how you add a FAQ page into your sales process and become a "Ghost-Buster":

Step 1 - Make a list of your FAQs


Make a list of the common objections you tackle on a sales call and come up with answers.

The usual questions we get are:

  1. Is now the right time?
  2. But I’ve been burnt by other coaches?
  3. Will this work if I don't have a big following?
  4. How long until I make my money back?


Step 2 - Film FAQ videos


If people are going to hand you their hard-earned cash, they need to trust you. 

Video is a great way to speed up this trust.

This also gives you an opportunity to an answer objections—good practice for the sales call itself.



Step 3 - Create a “Sneak Peek” video


A lot of people buy stuff out of logic. If they can see something working, it becomes easier to visualise it working for them.

That’s why a sneak peek video showing behind the scenes of your product is a sure-fire way to make more sales.

We give a behind-the-scenes look at our training portal. You could show how you you send out programs or provide on-demand exercise videos.

(Note: You can watch our sneak peek video here)

Step 4 - Add the FAQ page to your website


We have a hidden page loaded up that redirects once someone fills out a questionnaire.

Without us doing a thing, people can do their homework and get answers to their burning questions.

They can revisit this page whenever they like and even download extra resources.



A FAQ page is an absolute “must” for your PT business.

Don’t rely on someone waiting for answers to their questions. You’ll waste your time and you'll have another 'ghost' on your hands.

Instead, cover their objections immediately and educate them on your awesome offer.

By the time you open your laptop for the call, your prospect will likely be ready to take the leap.

(Note: We also build this funnel out for our FPGA students and they’re witnessing similar results to us!)



  • Make a list of FAQs
  • Film the FAQ videos
  • Embed the videos on your website
  • Redirect questionnaire submissions to this page


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