How To Detach Yourself From Your Market And Take Another Route

business clients entrepreneur market marketing price service Jan 21, 2021
If you're caught up in market very much dictated by price...
How do you step out and create your own market of fans?
Most people believe that in order to reach a destination, they need to follow all the other cars, get stuck in traffic and wait it out.
However, what if there was another road that got you to where you want to be quicker?
...where other cars dared to go down.
Perhaps the other cars are without directions or perhaps they know their road SO much that it would be silly for them to try something else.
This becomes the safe option for so many people.
But it takes someone different to create their own path with their own set of rules.
As a business owner, you might consider -
  • Increasing your price-point
  • Using content to build your authority in your field
  • Connecting with other thought-leaders
  • Changing your business model to something different than what your prospect might be used to.
There are no rules (apart from the obvious ones) when it comes to running your business and serving your clients.
So if you're stuck, perhaps getting a little road rage as a result...
Take the next left and venture somewhere different.
You might just get to your destination quicker.