How To Overcome A Creative Block

block business creative block entrepreneur marketing mindset writers block Jan 21, 2021

When we hear people say they've 'hit a block'...

We all often associate it with writing or any other creative work.

We rarely relate it to entrepreneurship.

But entrepreneurs, like many others, experience a block at some point or another.

They're in a state of flow, results are happening and then BAM!

"Nothing seems to be working?"

You might even be feeling like this right now.

The first thing to do however, is understand what a 'block' is and why it has shown up.

The answer?

Because you're now faced with the pressure of what people think.

You see, most people hit a block after riding a road of relative success.

Things go well for them and it is the fear of maintaining the good work, which then smothers them to a point of inefficiency.

A block isn't just a magical force that has halted productivity.

It is deeper and often comes as a result of external factors.

So now we know WHAT it is → how do you avoid it?

Well, just as you simulate sleep before you successfully fall asleep...

You have to simulate the very thing you're experiencing a block in, until you are able to successfully do it again.

(If you can't write 👉🏻 write some more)

If nothing seems to be working and you're stuck as an entrepreneur, shake off the feeling of impressing everyone else...

And merely do the minimum effective version of what made you an entrepreneur in the first place.

Build. Create. Connect. Serve.