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TFE #003: How to Create Content When You’re on the Gym Floor All Day

Sep 05, 2022

Read time: 4 minutes


In today’s newsletter, I’m going to show you how to create content even when you’re on the gym floor all day.

Being a local personal trainer can have many benefits. Within weeks you can become the “mayor of your town”.

But as you get busier, it becomes harder to maintain the volume of content you post.

Soon you start to disappear and the next trainer swans in to become the local hero you once were.


Content is the fuel to your marketing engine


A marketing budget is non-existent for many new personal trainers.

Instead, you have to rely on organic content to attract attention.

But as soon as those hours pick up, it can become difficult to remain present online.

  • Your creative ideas run out
  • You struggle to produce high-quality content
  • You have zero time to edit and post after sessions
  • Every piece of content feels the same

The good news is I’ve built a system that will help you create better content, save time and make your clients love you.

Here's what it looks like:



Step 1 - Capture headline ideas


You don’t have time to open up your laptop between clients and think up new content ideas. This 'heavy lifting' needs to happen in the background.

Throughout the month, get into the habit of writing your ideas down. As soon as inspiration hits, whether that be in the shower or on a long walk, jot the idea down.

To cut friction, I have a 'Quick Capture' widget on my phone that links to my Notion dashboard.



Step 2 - Create your Pillar Content


Once a week, pick one idea you want to roll with.

Then create the 'pillar' for it. This is the longer-form content that is the fuel to your content engine.

The pillar content I create is this newsletter. For you, it might be a podcast or a YouTube video.

Whatever your preference is, make sure you enjoy doing it as this is a crucial component of your system.



Step 3 - Create your Cluster Content


The most efficient way to increase the shelf-life of your content is to repurpose it.

Every Monday afternoon, I will review everything I’ve written in each newsletter.

I'll look for snippets to dissect as cluster content to schedule across the month.

These also become the Reel scripts we later distribute on Instagram.

It takes me 1-2 hours to write a newsletter and then a further 1 hour of repurposing.

Once the process is complete, I have a month's worth of content.




Step 4 - Make content templates


The energy you deploy in writing the content can get recycled too.

For every piece of “cluster content” you post, you can turn it into a template.

All the reels you have seen us post are now templates we can use again. We also send these out to our FPGA students every month.

(Note: If you would like to sign up for x5 monthly templates, click here)




For many personal trainers, content isn’t an issue.

They just don’t have a reliable system in place. Solve that and you'll never worry about posting again.

To download a free Content Operating System, click here for the Notion template.




  1. Capture headline ideas
  2. Create your pillar content
  3. Create cluster content
  4. Produce templates



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