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TFE #007: How to Automate Your Entire Onboarding Process

Oct 03, 2022

Read time: 3.5 minutes


In today’s newsletter, I’m going to show you how to onboard new clients quickly and easily.

If you’ve signed up a new client online, you’ll know how good it feels. Someone who had no idea about what you offer has now put their trust in you to help them.

  • They sign up
  • They send you payment
  • You both raise a glass
  • And then what?

All the hard work in acquiring a new client has now made way for the heaps of information they now need to action.

That’s where an onboarding process comes in.


First impressions matter. Make yours unbeatable.


When someone takes the leap to work with you, they have decided to do two things:

  1. Invest money

  2. Do things differently than before

A change like this is difficult to digest and can be overwhelming. Something as simple as signing up for a new app can be scary for someone new.

So try to avoid putting too many big steps in front of your clients when they first join.

Here’s how to create an onboarding process that'll make your new clients love you:


Step 1 - Make a list of their “first steps”


These are the small but essential things a new client has to tick off when they sign up.

Ours are as follows:

  1. Join the client-only Facebook Group
  2. Schedule a “Kick off” call (we use Calendly for ease)
  3. Add our weekly support calls to the calendar
  4. Access training portal

We used to send these instructions out via email. But a long message with things to do was not always best received.

That’s when we collated the steps in a slick-looking funnel.



Step 2 - Create an onboarding funnel


Funnels aren’t just to make sales. You can use them for clients too.

Once you’re aware of your client's first steps, you can send over a link and let your funnel do the work for you.

We build our clients’ onboarding funnels for them in Clickfunnels. But you can use an online form builder like Paperform to do a similar thing.

Here’s how our Onboarding Funnel looks:



In each of our steps, we have added a video to make the information even more clear. We also provide screen recordings where necessary to avoid any confusion.

(Note: For a copy of our Onboarding Blueprint, click here)


Step 3 - Host a "Kick-Off Session"


During the onboarding process, we ask our clients to schedule a “Kick-Off Session”.

This is a 1-1 call where we overcome any initial challenges and set short and long-term goals.

If you haven’t got something like this already in place, I recommend it.

It sets your client on the right path and presents a new opportunity to answer any questions.

(Free Resource: Kick Off Session Canva Template)



This entire process involves you doing two things: send a link and open up Zoom.

Everything else runs without you in the background. So you can concentrate on finding more new clients to onboard.

As time goes on, you can also add and remove any steps you like to make it even better.

Best of luck!



  1. Make a list of “first steps”
  2. Create an onboarding funnel
  3. Host a kick-off session


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